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In an effort to clearly spell out all policies regarding posting, files, user profiles, and general forum behavior, the moderators of this site have drafted this thread. Please read these policies before posting. Be sure to check them often, as they are subject to change without notice. [/color]

I. User Profile Policies:


Usernames must be in good taste and may not contain email addresses, URLs, or either of those in disguise.

Uniqueness of User Names:
Please choose a user name that is original and unique. If you choose a user name that is the same or confusingly similar to another user on this site, or a user who has at least 100 posts on at least one other Recording site, you will be asked to change it.


Avatars must be in good taste. Nothing pornographic, racist, or otherwise inappropriate may be used. The basic rule to follow is if you wouldn't want your kids to see it, don't use it as your avatar.


Signatures may contain no form of solicitation, email, or other content in violation of other rules. The maximum font size for all signatures is 3.

II. General Posting Policies:

Proper Forum:

All posts must be in the proper forum. That is why there are many different forums on this site.

Netiquette Guidelines:

Certain rules of unspoken etiquette should be followed when using Internet forums. They include:

Please read any rules and guidelines established by the community; some may have different regulations on a particular subject. Always be courteous.

Before creating a new topic thread, search to see if a similar topic already exists.

Please follow standard grammar/spelling rules.

If the forum is categorized, please post in the correct section.

Include as much technical information as possible if posting a technical inquiry.

Please stay on-topic.

Please avoid double posting and Cross Posting.

Please avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. (All CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.)

Try to refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member or participating in a flame war; instead, notify the message board's staff of the event.

When quoting a previous post, include only the relevant portion of that post.

Posting of Private Messages:

Private Messages are as indicated, private. Posting of a PM or any part of one in the open forums is generally discouraged and could be considered a breach of trust by the sender and be grounds for administrative action. Exceptions to this policy are allowed only in such cases where both the sender and receiver(s) of the PM agree that it should be posted in the public forums.

Buying and Selling:

The only place where buying and selling is allowed is in the Buying/Selling forum.


We allow hot links. However, it is important to remember that from time to time it may be necessary to disallow links to a specific site (for example when a dealer is proven to be scamming). If this is the case, the name of the site will be censored out with certain symbols (*****) that will appear whenever that name is typed. If you encounter this, please do not circumvent this by adding s p a c e s or other $ymbols to get around it.

III. Bashing and Flaming:

There has never been a clear definition of what is considered "bashing" but basically if you haven't got something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

IV. File Sections

File Sections vs. Discussion Sections

File sections are designed for posting files. Discussion sections are designed for discussion. Please do not post files anywhere besides the file sections, and do not post long discussion of any files in the file sections. The only exception to this rule should be appropriate pictures and graphics to illustrate instructions or topic subjects. These may be posted in the discussion section.

V. Private Messages:

Use of Private Messages

Private Messages (PM's) are intended for private communication between members about topics that are not generally appropriate to discuss in the open forums. Please do not post any PMs you receive in the open forums without permission of the sender.

Buying and Selling:

Buying and selling activity is to be limited to the Buying/Selling. In all other forums, do not post things such as "PM me for info". If using PM for items in the Buying/Selling forum, of course this rule does not apply

Sending PM to Admin and Moderators:

Please don't send private messages to the administrator or moderators unless it is about an issue that requires moderator attention. Don't send PMs to mods/admin asking setup questions or anything that should be posted in the forums instead.

VI. Mod/Admin Discretion:

The administrators and moderators may, at their sole discretion, move, edit, or delete any post considered to be inappropriate for either the site or a particular forum. Most moderation activity involves judgment on the part of the moderator. If you feel a post has been wrongly deleted, moved, or edited, send a PM to that moderator.


There may be times when a Forum member becomes so annoying to fellow Forum members and/or moderators -- even without specifically violating any Forum rules or the code of conduct, that the appropriate remedy is just to deny service to them.

Remember that being a member IS NOT A RIGHT. The Forum is a private and its owner/staff has the right to establish rules of behavior for participants. The owners/staff reserves the right to deny your use of this service at any time, without stated reason.

NO posting bad files or files that are intended to cause harm to others personal property.

NO posting any Private INFO.

NO Spam.

NO advertising for personal or business unless you have gotten permission from site
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