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Drums, Drum-Sounds, Drummers & Percussion

Postby Arny » Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:09 pm

I would like to keep each instrument to its own thread so a drummer does not have to plough through other instruments posts to find what they are looking for

You have to get the source of sound right then the right mic, EQ will not make up for these things if not they are not right.

First let me say I am not a drummer but had the "Modern Drummer", Magazine for three years, so I could "Talk Drums",
I realised it was very important to not only understand the music but to also try to communicate with the player who will enjoy discussing his instrument and what his past findings have been at getting the sound he desires, "Modern Drummer" has played a big part in this very interesting subject called Drummer & Drums

I kept Camco after the many other kits I tried, mainly because it always seemed to be the kit, that a drummer would want to use on at least one of the songs, he could set his kit up, as well as have access to the Camco's.

I kept many snares one of my favourites being the Pre-CBS Ludwig 400. and the Black Beauty as well as the delicious sounding Noble & Cooley never managed to get my hands on a Leedy :cry:

As I mostly do Mixing and mastering these days, I would consider looking for someone else to love these two Classic Kits. as I have done.

Best Regards,

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