Good Morning All:

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Good Morning All:

Postby HyenaRice » Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:59 am

My name is Eric Haney (an anagram from Hyena Rice).
I am a charter member of Howard Sanner's AMPEX list which I found after purchasing my first 351-2 in 1994. (Other machines have since followed me home.)
I learned that lurking and listening to audio pros is the finest sort of entertainment for me.
I was involved in the late 1970's "Akron Scene" where by some fluke major labels were courting anything that made noise - I helped increase noise by becoming a FOH for hire jockey.
I got to play in a 24-track MCI studio run by a local televangelist, clogging 2" tape with punk-new-wave after hours.
I have a very nice day job but wonder about what might have been if I hadn't become so traditional.
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