Hello to all of you

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Hello to all of you

Postby capstan15 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:38 am


I'm Igor from Croatia and I have a small analog studio with my friend. We are recording some 50's rockabilly and 60's pop stuff and are trying to achieve that sound. We are also recording some of our own material in that fashion.

I will put some pictures of our gear and some sound samples in apropriate forums.
We have some vintage micrphones: AKG d12, d19, Sennheiser 421, Melodium 42 ribbon, Aiwa ribbon, old Reslo ribbons, Beyer m160 ribbon, some new LDC...

The recording machine is newly aquired Telefunken M15a 8 track 1", mixing console is Studer 169 and master maschine is Studer c37, so pretty much vintage stuff. We also made ourselves a couple of Redd 47 preamps...

That's all for intro :)
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Re: Hello to all of you

Postby Trakworx Mastering » Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:07 pm

Hi Igor,

That sounds like a great vintage analog set-up you have there, and fun music to work on! I look forward to hearing some of your results. Welcome to ARF!!
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