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My name is Matthew Hall and I am currently an engineer at Guilford Sound located in Southern Vermont. I have ALWAYS been a huge music and radio fan! Began as a teenager sampling old jazz/soul records and making simple "hip hop" beats. I would perform as a "scratch dj" at local bars, clubs, and house parties in New England. While this was highly entertaining I found it becoming somewhat repetitive due the the HUGE amount of time routines took to develop and practice before they could be performed in a competent way. I also yearned to make something completely original so I began learning basic music theory. After learning some basic rules I was able to really get into composition and recording.
I made the choice to try and make this my full time career. In 2009 I enrolled in Full Sail University. I know that some of you may see this place as a scam or last resort but I can confirm that IT is fantastic place to educate yourself. I had the grades to attend a more prestigous school but I choose Full Sail for economic reasons. After graduating with my BA in Recording Arts I began the long journey to find a suitable employer. I worked DJ gigs at night, mixed live sound, recorded town meetings for about a year and a half until I was able to begin an internship at a major studio.
Luckily one was being constructed around 30 miles from my hometown in rural Vermont. Since completing my internship and being hired I have broadened my knowledge and musical horizons. I have re-capped every 760L module and 560L eq on a 64 channel API legacy. We also experimented with an alternative to the legendary API 2525 with a newer JDK design. In the end we stayed with the 2525's due the their superior ability to reject the scanning noise from "flying faders" I have been directly involved with the layout of the studio as well as the configuration of outboard gear. I have repaired and re-capped a wide variety of Guitar Amps. Recently finished a complete restore of 2 MEQ's and 2 EQH-2's including a remanufactured faceplates ect..
Most importantly though I have had the opportunity to work with amazing artists like So Percussion, Joan Wasser, North Highlands, Peachpit, and many others including a 100 piece percussion ensemble playing in a wooded valley with 2 5.1 surround array's back to back for a recording of John Luther Adams Inuksuit.
I am every day thankful and optimistic about the future of my career, the studio, and the industry as a whole!

Good to meet all of you!

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